Tully Harrod

Yoga Classes

I am a Yin Yang Yoga teacher offering classes that are accessible and inclusive with opportunities to play and challenge. My approach to teaching focuses on tuning into the body, building strength and maintaining flexibility for functional movements. Classes are interlaced with storytelling and themes of empowerment and self love.

I completed my RYT 200hrs Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Fernie, BC with Francesca Ter Pooreten and 30hrs Yin Yoga teacher training with Eimear Beardmore.


What is Yin Yang Yoga?
Yin and Yang tissues respond differently to being exercised. The Yin part of the class is yoga for the less elastic connective tissue, ligaments and bones- we’ll use static, elongating stress applied for longer periods of time. The Yang part is moving and strengthening the muscle against resistance.


Yin postures are generally seated postures which are held for 3-5 minutes (sometimes longer) applying constant gentle stress to the deep connective tissues while softening and releasing tension in the muscles. As we age our natural range of motion lessens due to the decrease in all the forms of moisture in the body. Yin yoga helps to prevent joint rigidity and immobility by rehydrating fascia and tissues.


The Yang, explores the more active style of practice. Targeting the muscles that we engage to hold the bones closer together protecting the joints. Postures will be held for a slightly longer time (not as long as Yin postures) as we learn to connect to the breath and align the body.


A Yin Yang Yoga practice facilitates a deeper connection to the self- body and mind- as well as awareness of the breath.


The use of props can be effective in the exploration of your practice.


Yin & Yin Yang Yoga is suitable for all levels of ability.

Yin Yoga, Monday 0930

Yin Yang Yoga, Wednesday 1745

Yin Yang Yoga, Friday 0930