Sophie Leightley

Yoga Classes

Sophie discovered yoga while house-sitting for a friend in 2007. “I had five wonderful weeks of early morning yoga, a fresh food diet, no alcohol, walks in nature and reading every day, I’d created my own retreat. When I first started practicing yoga I would experience severe pain in many areas of my body, even in child’s pose. Trying to touch my toes was completely out of my reach, but I was hooked and I couldn’t believe how wonderfully light and joyful I felt after practicing yoga!


I found it helped me to overcome anxiety and depression which I had been dealing with for a number of years and had become a dominating force which was affecting many areas of my life. Slowly I started to notice that practicing yoga made me feel happier, calmer and content about my life. I became aware that myself esteem, confidence and excitement about my future was growing. Yoga was helping me to cultivate a peaceful mind and a sense of aliveness that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt energized and I glimpsed something of the old me returning.


I decided to teach yoga because Yoga changed my life immeasurably. I wanted to be able to share with others the joy and happiness which can be found or rediscovered through the gift of yoga.


Because of my journey, I am passionate about sharing yoga with others so that you too can feel empowered, break through barriers, increase self esteem, gratitude, confidence and inner happiness and live consistently within your own true nature. As I discovered and want to share with others, yoga can be the key to unlocking our true self and moving away from pain and suffering towards happiness.”


Sophie will begin teaching a regular class Tuesday evenings in 2020