Nina Hearne

Yoga Classes

Nina Hearne – 200hrs YTT certified by Yoga Alliance UK, with specialism in pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal yoga


“There is a crack in everything. That’s how you let the light in.”


I teach a style of yoga that creates a place for inclusivity, where the union of yoga should be available for all.


I like to teach through making space and letting go. Being a firm believer in the only constant being change, I believe the adaptation and exploration of the mind and body can open pathways and make room for personal and physical growth.


In class we work on giving ourselves permission to be present and make choices. The choice to let go or engage more, to push a little further or pull back a little and rest. Respect for the body compliments the way in which we navigate postures and can further explore the link between the emotional and the physical whilst in a safe, supportive environment.


Yoga is what we want it to be and hopefully I can help others on their way to finding the aspects that are fun, fill us with strength and also help us to let go.


 5 Week Beginners Yoga Course, Wednesday 1745
Yoga & Inversions, Wednesday 1900
Yoga with Nina, Thursday 1745
Yoga with Nina, Friday 1745