Lucy Sanders

Yoga Classes

Having qualified through Cornwall Yoga Centre, Lucy is continuing into advanced Teacher Training both with her teachers here, and with Sadhana Mala’s Art of Individual Teaching and Yoga Therapy.


Guiding a precise and immersive practice, which connects movement and breath, her classes offer scope to be as demanding or as restorative as each individual chooses. Close attention to physiology in the Viniyoga approach develops the Breath to support movement. As breathing deepens, movements can slow, demanding (and thus building) strength, whilst allowing space for release, in both body and mind.  Stronger and more mobile bodies maintain our physical health; while mental/emotional strength and flexibility develop our capacity to be bigger than the challenges life throws at us.


Join Lucy for:

Lunchtime Yoga Fix, Monday 1210
Hatha Yoga, Monday 1745
Beginners Yoga, Monday 1900


Yoga, Thursday 0930
Yoga for Seniors, Thursday 1045
Lunchtime Yoga Fix, Thursday 1210