Elena West

Yoga Classes

My first yoga session was introduced to me by my father when I was 12 years old. At that time, and still now, I thought that yoga was something very special. My father practiced yoga every day with great effort and diligence. I was very impressed how it changed his body after only two years’ practice. When I became 18 I had a lot of back pain caused by intensive running training.


Luckily, I met a great yoga teacher who eventually changed my professional choice. She was 60 years old by the time I met her, very wise and calm, full of energy and very flexible when she had to demonstrate yoga asana. I was very impressed and wanted to learn a lot more about yoga.


Since I was 18 I had regular practice with different teachers, I recovered from the back pain by practicing yoga and eventually found another way of practice – Thai yoga massage. Being a practitioner of Thai yoga massage I realised that yoga itself might be very helpful to my patients and I enjoy very much to share my knowledge with them.


To combine the passive way as a recipient of Thai yoga massage and to do the active Yoga practice I think is a wonderful combination of tools, to learn about yourself, how to feel your body and listen to yourself with your heart using not only the physical aspects of practice.


I decided to share and teach yoga because I believe that there’s always more to learn and to change yourself physically and spiritually, and this is just one of the ways to help yourself and others.


In my way of teaching I prefer to use simple techniques that are available for everyone. At the same time I like to be creative and flexible, choosing and changing the plan of the lesson when necessary, according to the students’ needs, or the level of the class.


It is important to be genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about what you teach, express it in your voice, have a sense of humour about yourself and not be afraid to laugh.



Elena teaches weekly:
Monday 1745 – 1845
Monday 1900 – 2000
Thursday 0930 – 1030
Thursday 1045 – 1145 (seniors)
Thursday 1210 – 1255