Yoga Classes

Sound is one of the oldest healing tools on the planet, and the power of the gong has been documented for thousands of years across many ancient civilisations. In our modern world, sound immersions can support improved sleep, facilitate meditation, and create a balanced state for self healing on physical, mental and emotional levels.


After opening with a gentle guided meditation, we melt into our mats, cocooned in warmth, preparing to receive the sounds of the gongs and some accompanying shamanic and tribal instruments. During the sound, our brainwaves shift frequency, disconnecting our mental chatter and allowing us to descend into a deep trance-like meditation state where relaxation and release can occur. The vibrations of the gongs help to rebalance and tune our bodies at a cellular level, and the deep personal space we find ourselves in creates a wonderful environment for reconnecting with our path and purpose.


Gong Immersion is open to all and no physical activity is required. Please contact Jane in advance of booking if you are pregnant, or have a pacemaker or hearing aid fitted.


DATES: October 11, November 29, December 13
TIME: 1930 – 2100
TICKETS: £15 per session. Tickets are available via the link below or at the studio.
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About the Teacher

Jane has been a yoga student for 19 years, and teaches her creatively sequenced, accessible classes with humour, energy and a sense of playfulness. Every class is multi-level and body-positive, designed to be open to any and all yogis regardless of age, injury or experience. As a sound therapist, music plays an important part in Jane’s classes, each of which is carefully themed to help educate students in yoga philosophy, ayurveda and cosmology as well as supporting their physical progression. Jane’s classes are rooted in the understanding that our movement practice is just one of 8 limbs – part of a journey to meditation, self-awareness and higher consciousness that is available to everyone.


Jane has trained in Vinyasa, Rajadhiraja and Ashtanga Yoga and has just completed an advanced qualification in her first love – Rocket Yoga, a modern approach to an ancient practice. She is a trained gong practitioner and is accredited by the College of Sound Healing and Yoga Alliance (RYT300).