Focus & Freedom Yoga Workshop

Yoga Classes

Nina and Tully are teaming up for three hours of play, movement and release and have put together a yoga workshop inspired by the Ashtavakra Gita 1.4–14


‘If you wish to be free,
Know you are the Self,
The witness of all these,
The heart of awareness.
Set your body aside.
Sit in your own awareness.
You will at once be happy,
Forever still, Forever free.’

— Translator: Thomas Byrom


This three-hour workshop will include pranayama, yoga flow, yin yoga and culminate in a blissful guided deep relaxation. It has been designed to explore elements of focus and freedom within our practice and ourselves. Students are encouraged to notice emotions, sensations, and find a deeper awareness of the self.


Suitable for students with some yoga experience, expect options to explore arm balances, core work, and longer held passive yin postures.


When: February 1st, 2020 1130 – 1430
Where: Cornwall Yoga Centre, TR1 2LH
Tickets: £25


We will have a short intermission during the workshop before we commence the yin/ deep relaxation. Tea will be provided – byo snacks if required.