New Year, new you?

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Blog new year – new you? 2016-2017

I am not a big fan of the ‘New Year-New You’ style of advertising that we are all likely to be seeing in abundance over the next few weeks.

Do you need to find a brand new you? I suspect not. I bado cams know most of you who will be reading this and you are all wonderful, warm and lovely people. To suggest you need to change and create a new you is to suggest there is something wrong with the old you and in my opinion THERE IS NOT!

To me encouraging people to make drastic changes is quite an unkind method of trying to get people to pay for something.

What is true that we sometimes identify that there are habits or behaviour patterns we find ourselves repeating that we could do with changing. Sometimes this is a tough task to take on and sometimes we look for support.

Any of you who are familiar with the way we teach at the Yoga Centre will know that we encourage you to really look for the support you need within yourselves. We can’t do that for you -YOU DO IT!!! We may provide tools to make it easier, but you learn how to use them.

Keep up your Yoga practice, keep using the tools you have to maintain the foundation of support you are building within- stay strong and remain stable year by year.
The old you will thank you for it!