Its my birthday and I'll blog if I want to!

Yoga Classes

Middle of May is my birthday, another year has passed since the day I was allocated this life.

This year is not a ‘big’ birthday however there is always something about an anniversary that prompts a systematic review of what’s gone on and how things are looking moving forward.

This past year the Yoga centre has started to feel like a different place and I have started to feel like a different person within it. For the most part, the first 3 years of running the project were such a huge and steep learning curve I felt like I was hanging on to the curve like a rock climber clinging to the rock face.

Thanks to encouragement from people who have watched this process (shouting from the bottom- “keep going, you’re doing a great job”!) I am standing in a position now where although I don’t feel like I’m standing at the top of the climb admiring the view, I do feel like I might just make it to that point.

This coming year is likely to include a professional milestone. I am in the process of gathering all the required information to apply to the Independent Yoga Network for membership with them at the level of a teacher who has exceeded 5000 teaching hours.

The name the IYN give to teachers who pass this milestone is ‘Yoga Elder’ although I’m not 100% sure how I feel about a title which brings to mind images of a wizened, ancient, dusty old soul, I can’t deny I have the emerging grey hair and spectacles now so becoming an Elder, in fact, seems perhaps the most appropriate next step!


Looking back over this last year I have also taken counsel from advisors who have encouraged me to make it clear, relating to myself as the owner of the Yoga Centre as a business, that I have earned quite a lot of teaching sexy japanese bride qualifications which help to reinforce my position as an authority here.

Blowing one’s own trumpet and that kind of thing is not something as Yoga teacher, or quite frankly as an old fashioned Brit, one feels at ease with. In fact I have a tendency to prefer to be humorous and paint quite a casual picture rather than give off an air that to makes sure people know I’m in charge!

I often joke when we are in classes that I’m just making it up as I go along which makes it sound like I don’t know what I’m doing, however be reassured I know exactly what is going on every step of the way! Even if I am making it up as I go along I have learned the rules, practiced the scales, examined the way in and the way out, weighed up the possible routes for the journey we are about to take it and contemplated the various combinations of flavours which can be presented for the feast of the senses.

I have often considered that doing a good job is more important than proving how much I studied to be able to do the job- so I’ve never had my certificates framed or put them on the wall. In a world where it is possible to gain a Yoga teaching qualification online in a matter of hours with no practical assessment for an investment of about £30, maybe a few good quality certificates are not going to do any harm.


If any of you are interested to see my qualifications I have made an album of the certificates and put them all on my new facebook page. (my Yoga therapy qualification certificate is currently missing so that’s not on there)



500hr BWY Yoga Teachers diploma, 500hr Sadhana Mala Yoga Teaching Certificate (specific training in the Viniyoga tradition), 25hrs Core Vinyasa teacher training with Srivatsa Ramaswami , 24hrs study of Teaching of Krisnamacharya with Srivatsa Ramaswami Srivatsa, 24hrs study of Yoga Sutras with Srivatsa Ramaswami, Advanced Diploma in counselling, 60 hrs BWY Certification in Yoga for Pregnancy, 60hrs BWY foundation training, Sadhana Mala foundation certificate.