Finding Balance

Yoga Classes

“That virus completely floored me”

“I don’t know which way is up at the moment”

“I’m feeling all over the place”

When we talk about our physical, mental and emotional health it is not uncommon to hear people use phrases and words that refer to ‘balance’ – or rather being off balance.

And when it comes to talking about the causes of ill health, particularly our mental and emotional health, stress is often cited as the number 1 culprit and what causes stress? A lack of balance.

I would suggest that most adults identify with idea of life as an exercise in viagra coupon juggling- the image of the juggler frantically trying to keep the rhythm going so that none of the balls drop! When it’s going well this is great – everything stays in the air but one little slip and the whole rhythm is disrupted. It’s the ultimate balancing act.

The reason the juggling image is so easy to relate to as an appropriate metaphor for modern life is because of the speed at which the juggler must act- the brain of the juggler is working at lightning speed to keep the balancing act going. I believe it is this speed element which is important. In the image of the juggler the juggler will add more and more objects into the act, move faster and faster until the limit is reached. If we find ourselves feeling like we are juggling, trying to keep this balancing act up, this implies that we are being compelled to go faster and faster. We are likely to also feel that at some point there will be one object too many and the whole thing will come crashing down.

If you have ever seen a really good juggler perform they don’t look stressed, they have practiced for many years, they know the limit of their speed and they don’t drop everything at the end. They often have a practiced way of calming the speed of the act down and simply ending. And I think this is very good metaphor for what a Yoga practice feels like. It slows down the pace of our experience to create calm.

Try it for yourself, it’s easy! Simply follow the instructions for the breathing exercise