Simon Centofanti

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Simon Centofanti, CYC Director

Simon Centofanti has an MA in Applied Psychology (Coaching Psychology), as well as an extensive history in sports coaching. His professional goal is to help others find their true potential and increase their overall wellbeing. Simon has a special interest in Wellness Coaching and Positive Psychology and his MA thesis was on Strength-Based Coaching.

He is very experienced as a one-on-one coaching psychologist and group facilitator.

​Simon is also a retained Firefighter in Truro with Cornwall Fire and Rescue, he has a lot of pride for his local community and is keen to serve the people within it.


Release the Pressure

Are you worried about the effects of stress on your life and health? You are not alone, last year 74% of adults in the UK admitted to being so stressed at some point that they felt unable to cope.

Often stress is underplayed, there is no point thinking about the effects of stress as it seems there is little that can be done to remove it from our busy lives. Everyone gets stressed, so what is the problem? So, many people tend to carry on and largely ignore stress till it begins to feel normal…

Every now and then we hear about someone we know experiencing a “burn out” or a breakdown. Should we worry about our own capacity?

Unfortunately, the line between healthy levels of stress and chronic stress is closer than we think.

So, what can we do?

We would like to offer you the opportunity to learn some useful tools and techniques to really give you something to DO instead of worry.

What is Release the Pressure?

We created the Release the Pressure workshop to tackle personal stress and stress related ailments with both short and long-term solutions. It is solution focused, whilst offering important tools to help you build personal resilience to help you move forward.

It is conducted in a circular setting, no power point lectures, and is facilitated by Simon Centofanti, coaching psychologist.


The workshop contains:

  • Opportunities for (monitored and mediated) open dialog between the group and facilitator relating to personal stress and stressors.
  • Taught active listening techniques for co-participants to communicate affectively throughout and post workshop.
  • Taught psychological interventions and activities that focus on stress, anxiety (rumination), building resilience, fortifying and increasing willpower, aiding with goal planning, motivational interviewing and self-care / compassion.
  • Lessons on what stress is, what is good about stress and how it can go wrong.


Release the Pressure is a 4-part workshop, that operates once a fortnight. Each session is a very interactive 3 hours and encompasses all aspects of stress, whether it is borne from health, work, relationships, conflict and so on.