Richard Clark

Yoga Classes

Teacher and former head teacher of over 20 years’ experience, specialism in Linguisticss, Drama, Performance and Theatre Anthropology.

Circling practitioner, additional to above, for 3 years using Circling for social connection, as a traumatic somatic therapy, including work with specific vulnerable groups.


Authentic Relating, beginners:

Transform your social circle, choose your friends, and bring them along with you!

This is an opportunity to increase your connection to yourself and others through Authentic Relating, ice-breaking games to introduce you to new people in a fun way (ARG), Circling or a combination of these.

All our sessions over two years have been wonderful, heartfelt and joyous occasions, full of new and renewed friendship: we cannot be held responsible for the long-lasting and nourishing social connections formed as a consequence of this practice!

Circling Cornwall’s wish is to provide an evening of compassionate connection in a safe environment, in which you get to explore with others in every moment, learn tools to help deepen your relationships and be truly seen for who you are.

This session is not going to be long enough to incorporate Circling. However, it is designed to ready you and ‘give a taste’ of what a Circling evening, day, weekend or immersion can offer.

What is Circling?

We credit Marysia Pstrokonska, core team in Circling Europe at the time of writing and Co-founder of Authentic London with her most eloquent answer to this question below:

“People often ask me what Circling is, and it’s so many things to me now that it can (be) a challenging question to answer.
At its core it is a practice about connection, about exploring it in its many forms, as it actually is, about trusting it, what it has to show us.
It’s also about being with what is here, about honouring reality as it is and as it unfolds.
When we practise we are cultivating a very deep listening to the body, a presence to ourselves, to what is really going on inside. We are exploring being with another, seeing them as they are as much as possible, being curious — and even open to the possibility that there is a foundational innocence and impulse to connect within us all.
Circling also holds within it an invitation to risk including what we often miss when we come into contact – the subtle boundaries, the needs, the desires, the expressions that don’t always make it across the space between people.”

How will I benefit, apart from socially?

Our AR / ARG / Circling uses Circling Cornwall ethics and principles of the ‘A to the F’ aims to achieve, through interaction, the kind of conditioning for the mind that meditation, in yoga, can achieve additionally for the body.

We may incorporate somatic processing, movement, and trauma release exercises into our sessions, usually either to prepare or in response to the felt sense of our facilitator or team in the moment. However, this is primarily a shared experience with an intention of enquiry into what is there and real for us, not intended as either an exercise class or energy healing session (more akin to a Sacred Heart Circle).

You may experience:
– A deep sense of living in the moment
– More empathy, sensitivity and compassion
– A deeper trust of others
– Further discovery of what inspires you
– ‘Magical’ collective experiences

You may develop:
– Skill around being in touch with your body and emotions
– A deep trust in yourself
– Increased ability to notice relational blind spots that hinder relationships
– More power and influence in your communication
– A deeper ability to let go of what was
– Increased ability to accept yet transform how things are
– Increased ability to consciously shape your future
– An ability to feel more and live in alignment

Curious about what kind of an evening this might be?

The best way to find out is to join the hundreds of people across Cornwall who are involved in this type of personal development work, many of whom have already tried it, and come along!