Kirsty Jones

Yoga Classes

240 hour Yoga training in Rishikesh, Exercise to Music Instructor, Life Coach

I was already a qualified fitness instructor teaching more high intensity and physical focused exercise, which i did and do still enjoy thoroughly, but felt my personal practice lacking something.

After traveling and discovering yoga and more of the mindful style training and enjoying the benefits, i started to expand my experience and learning in areas such as shamanic healing and taoism.  I found the journey to be incredibly positive and helpful and decided it was just too good to keep to myself.

So I became qualified in yoga, took other courses on my travels, and studies life-coacing and psychology as a way to explain how and why these things worked but also to learn how to incorporate these sometimes out there practices in a way which is accessible to people in the western world.

Over several years I stared to develop my own Zen style yoga practice, incorporating elements of everything I have learned along the way to create a varied, feel good practice, mind, body and soul.