Vinyasa Krama Course with Aimee

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Come and learn vinyasa krama yoga – this is a wonderfully physical style of Yoga practice with attention to detail and an emphasis on strength and agility. The style is controlled by deep steady breathing which is key to accessing the power of the core of the body.


An introduction to vinyasa krama style of practice as taught by Srivatsa Ramaswami- this style is similar to the practice of astanga vinyasa Yoga. This course is taught by CYC’s senior teacher Aimee Blackman who has had studied directly with Ramaswami on his visits to the UK




Take a look at the links below for vinyasa krama style yoga examples.

visit – Vinyasa Krama Yoga – Panos Katsandris

Krama practice with chanting:

visit – Samantranka Suryanamaskara

visit – Ding-Namaskara



Students will be able to practice deep ujjayi breathing combined with strong movement. We will practice and form the linking postures that make up the vinyasa krama sequence. These are fairly similar to sun salutations with further attention to detail. Upon completing the course students will be able to move into vinyasa krama developers course, practicing the sequencing and peek poses once a week and forming a stronger and deeper practice.

Students will develop strength and control, grace and flow.


Course Detail
Week 1

Week 1 will begin with the introduction and exploration of the essential postures and transitions that link standing, kneeling and prone practices with the vinyasa krama technique.

Week 2

We will start to develop on the work of week 1 with reminders and deep practice, moving into the introduction of more standing postures.

Week 3

This week will bring the continuation and development of our postures and technique and introduce the linking sequence for exploring lying down and seated positions.

Week 4

We will continue to develop our abilities to link movements and postures looking at introducing an inversion for those who wish to explore that position. The class will include the practice of returning from an inversion, coming straight back into the krama sequence with balance and strength.

Week 5

In the final week we will revisit our fundamental practices so far, and include a more challenging standing balance-we will continue the practice of our inversion and introduce a deeper experience of seated practice.

The price of the course is £45.50 for all 5 weeks. It’s a perfect practice for those with a more physical Yoga practice, those who practice ashtanga regularly and those who have begun introducing deeper versions of postures into their practice. Yoga teachers will also benefit from the expert guidance of our senior teacher Aimee Blackman and her abundant knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

See you on the mat!