Level 1- 200hr Teacher Training

Yoga Classes


Teacher Training Level 1 Course 2018 (certified 200 hour qualification)
A 20 day course run on 1 introduction day followed by a series of Saturday and/or Sunday whole day sessions.


Cost £1,875 (deposit £375 payable in advance) Remaining £1,500 to be paid in 10 instalments of £150.


This course will cover all the fundamental aspects required to become a Yoga teacher. At the end of this course you will be qualified and insured to teach



To pass this course you will be expected to attend a minimum of 80% of course content days.


Course features some written homework, the majority of the course will be focused on practical knowledge and teaching skills.



Learn how to teach safely and with care

This level 1 course will cover the principles of physical practice – this will provide you with a great base to work with a wide variety of students.


Study and grow

The course will introduce some of the fundamental philosophical texts which provide Yoga with its richness and depth.
Training to teach encourages you to be immersed in the teachings! This can be a profound and life changing experience.


Have a fulfilling professional life

This course will equip you to teach professionally.  Teaching Yoga is a highly rewarding career or additional skill for those of you already working in the health and wellness world
History of CYC

The yoga Centre has been established in Truro city centre for just 4 years. In this time there have been many enquiries received about YTT courses. As the principle teacher at the centre I was keen to make sure I was ready to undertake the responsibility and as such I have recently completed my application to hold a ‘Yoga Elder’ status.



Very simply, the philosophy I follow is that of the Yoga Sutras- I use the guidance of the Yoga sutras to inform all aspects of my life and work and I encourage this to be present throughout all my interactions with students and business associates. The heart of the school will be informed by the Yoga Sutras-principally we begin with Yama/Niyama.


Style, Goals and Means

My style of teaching is very much informed by the influence of TKV Desikachar via his line of teachers- my teachers are Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton who have worked in this lineage training Yoga teachers for over a decade. Dave and Ranju were students firstly of Paul Harvey who runs Centre for Yoga Studies in Bristol and was himself a direct student of Desikachar for many years and more recently Dave and Ranju studied with Peter Hersenack who also was a direct student of Desikachar.  I have studied a wide range of other styles and I am familiar with Astanga Yoga and Vinyasa Krama as taught by Srivatsa Ramaswami, with whom I have studied whenever I can.


Although my personal preference is a very slow paced, mindful practice I am able to train teachers in general Hatha Yoga, restorative and the dynamic styles. I intend to encourage teachers to teach the style they prefer to the highest standard. This is done by creating understanding of the fundamental principles which translate across the wide variety of possible applications of Yoga.


As an owner of a Yoga studio I have noticed a high number of applications for teaching positions by teachers with 200hr qualifications which have been gained in very short periods of time. I have been slightly alarmed by the proliferation of quick, low cost trainings and I am not convinced that all these courses are providing participants with sufficient knowledge to practice safe teaching.  I would like to be able to offer an initial level 1 200hr course to nurture a small number of quality teachers. I am also developing a 300hr follow on programme which will be suitable for anyone who already hold a 200hr certificate to allow dedicated teachers to gain more skills and knowledge.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like us to send you an application form- aimee@cornwallyogacentre.org