Beginners Chi Gung-Tai Chi. Level 1 – 5 week Course

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Beginners Chi Gung-Tai Chi. Level 1 – 5 week Course

Gary Bailey is offering a Chi Gung with Tai Chi Beginners Course at the Cornwall Yoga Centre. My instructing style is totally inclusive, gentle, non-ego, friendly, open and available to everyone of all abilities. My styles can be appropriately adapted or made bespoke for individual or 1-2-1 training. I provide explanations and purpose to my teaching of the arts, hoping people will gain from their practical learning experience as well as theory.

Chi Gung is a gentle fluid internal martial art that focuses on meridians, breath work and meditation whilst Tai Chi involves gentle flowing movements with Kung Fu and martial applications, along with philosophy’s and history of the arts. Its practice is derived from man’s study of nature and the natural environment and is at least 5000 years in the making.

There is said to be Chi energy in everything, and balancing one’s Chi can benefit all of us in a variety of ways.





Course Overview

Taught by our professional and experienced instructor, the classes are fully inclusive and open to all, conducted in a friendly and relaxed environment, each session start and finish with gentle Chi Gung movements and exercises whilst the main body of the class focuses on learning Tai Chi techniques and the forms that flow when put together.

The course offers an introduction to Chi Gung and Tai Chi – at the end of the five weeks you will be able to progress to level 2 of Tai Chi Training.

Course Outcomes

We are confident at the end of five weeks you will have a structured understanding of the basic and gently modified set forms of Tai Chi whilst enjoying taking part in the gentle relaxing Chi Gung exercises, inspiring you to progress to the next level.

Week 1

Introduction into Chi Gung and Tai Chi:
Movements, stances, postures, breath work and exercises, an introduction into Tai Chi set form 1 which is a simplified ‘Yang style’ form.
All practical moves are through guidance by instructor with explanations enabling you to grasp the core concepts.

Week 2

Continuing to piece together a relaxing and gentle Chi Gung practice with Tai Chi movements and exercises from the simplified Tai Chi set form 1, encouraging mindful practice and further focused energy work.

Week 3

Classes commence with relaxing Chi Gung exercise and gentle movements, in the class time you will be introduced to additional Tai Chi movements and further form work from Set 1. All developmental practice conducted at a speed and a pace that enables you to gain confidence in the movements.

Week 4

Continuation of Chi Gung exercises to begin the session with second Tai Chi form ‘swimming dragon’, in preparation of level 2 training, along with further work on the Tai Chi set form 1.

Week 5

Chi Gung exercises and both Tai Chi set forms worked on throughout the class time together, culminating in a solid basic knowledge of the art and its physical and philosophical discipline. At the completion of 5 hour course there will be an option of progression to learn further exercises in Chi Gung and work on the Tai Chi 24 set movement form at level 2.



Click the link below to book your space on the course. Spaces are limited as we place focus on individuals in order to manage achievable and progressive results.