Beginners Yoga Course with Nina

Yoga Classes

This yoga course is designed for those who are completely new to yoga, those who have recently started their practice or those who would like to form a stronger foundation in yoga.

Beginners Yoga Course

Course Overview

This will be a 5-week course taking place once a week on a Wednesday evening at 5:45pm-6:45pm. Each week we will be exploring a different theme in class and with it a variation of asanas and yogic philosophies (postures).

Course Objective

Yoga should be accessible for everyone. If the feeling of vulnerability, being judged or a lack of information presents itself as an obstacle, choosing a Beginners Yoga Course can be ideal. You will be part of a small class of 5 people exploring their practice at the same pace as you. You will become familiar with basic yoga postures and alignment principles, synchronizing mindful movement and breath and establishing meditation and relaxation techniques. Each class will be themed around different areas of the body, exploring a range of poses which help stretch, strengthen and heal.


Week 1 – Introduction to yoga

In the first session we will re-introduce ourselves to our bodies, asking the body for permission to move with the breath. A gentle sun salutation and related alignment along with adjustments adjustments (as you chose them) accompanied by the information to guide your practice and awaken you to your personal journey.

Week 2 – Forward folds

This session will offer introspection and the use of breath moving into forward folds and compression. The body will begin to lengthen and provide slight variations in its movement as we invite lengthening of the spine and opening of the back muscles.

Week 3 – Back bends

The third week of the course will explore back bends and heart openers. The opening of the front body can feel vulnerable and unsteady at times. We spend much of our lives leaning forward over various technologies. Back bends enhance our posture whilst opening energy centres and are taught in a supportive and safe space.

Week 4 – Twists

Week 4 brings us to ways that we can begin to ask the body to twist. With the movement of lengthening and twisting, we can elongate through the vertebrae, make space around the muscles organs and the stretch the fascia.

Week 5 – Balance

Our fifth and final week of the course will culminate in a fully sequenced class opening with pranayama (breathing technique), warming the body, building the practice up to a chosen balancing apex then gently re-grounding and closing the class with a dreamy savasana.

Once the course begins new students will only be considered for the following course, so sign up now and allow us to introduce you to the rest of your life…

If you would like more information about course start dates please email