Beginners Yoga with Nina

Yoga Classes

Thursday Beginners Yoga is not part of a set course but a class for those needing the flexibility of a drop in session although booking a few hours ahead is always recommended to secure a spot.

This yoga class is designed for those who are completely new to yoga, those who have recently started their practice or those who would like to form a stronger foundation in yoga.

Yoga should be accessible for everyone. If the feeling of vulnerability, being judged or a lack of information presents itself as an obstacle, choosing a Beginners Yoga Course can be ideal. You will be part of a small class of  people exploring their practice at the same pace as you. You will become familiar with basic yoga postures and alignment principles, synchronizing mindful movement and breath and establishing meditation and relaxation techniques. We will welcome in the beginnings of your future practice together with focus and support whilst starting to explore the body mindfully.