Ashtanga Led / Modified Primary Series

Yoga Classes


Ashtanga Vinyasa is a style of yoga popularised by Sri K Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India (1915-2009). It takes teachings and philosophies from many ancient texts and gurus. Pattahbi created a set series of postures (asanas) that aspiring yogis should practice, there are currently 6 series that we can practice ranging from beginner to advanced practice. During the ashtanga led class we will practice ‘chikitsa’, also known as the primary series or the building blocks for health and alignment. As this class is led and instructed, the teacher will provide modifications for all abilities and will also provide some variation.

Henry aims to provide his students with a strong physical class, building strength and flexibility by having a regular ‘chikitsa’ practice, while using the flexibility of a modified class to create a fun exploration of some of the postures from the intermediate and advanced series.¬†Ashtanga meaning ‘8 limbs’ has more elements to its practice than just the asana.¬†Breath, meditation and sense withdrawal are just some of the other limbs that will be explored during these classes.

These classes will be accessible to all levels and abilities. If you are unsure if this practice is for you please do not hesitate to contact us.